Funds Descriptions & Overview

Please see below an overview description for the five funds offered by SAGA:

Asset Allocation Fund

This fund has been successfully managed with a 20+ year track record with excellent performance, particularly in difficult years. The main goal of the fund is to optimize asset allocation between short-term liquidity, shares and bonds, with a neutral allocation of a third of each.

Tactical European Equity Fund

With a multi-manager advisory team, the fund invests mainly in European equities. However, depending on macroeconomic circumstances, the fund might be under invested in equities or decide to protect its positions by selling futures on the indexes.

Tactical Bond Fund

Given the low yield levels across developed economies, the Buy&Hold approach is over for bonds. In this context, the fund can be of help to investors by investing in the right instruments, which will not only protect the capital but could also take advantage of potential turmoil in this sector.

USD Investment Grade Bonds Fund

The fund will invest in USD Investment Grade bonds, to enable investors to profit from a conservative and diversified bond exposure. The fund will be able to invest in bonds of different types (fixed coupons, floating rate notes linked to the CPI, floating rate notes linked to the Libor, etc.) and of different maturities, as long as the rating of the bonds at the time of the purchase was investment grade. The manager will retain discretion to keep bonds downgraded to below investment grade after the purchase. Depending on the macroeconomic situation, market conditions, and the outlook for USD interest rates, the fund will target different overall duration, average rating, and country and sector exposures.